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New York on Rye

Sandwiches|New York
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Signature Deli SandwichesReuben Sandwich-Corned Beef/Swiss/Kraut/Russian/Grilled Rye\n\nNew Yorker - Pastrami/Swiss/Slaw/Russian on Rye\n\nCuban-Smoked Pork/Ham/Swiss/Pickles/Dijon on Pressed Roll\n\nBeast Sandwich-\nSmoked Brisket/Grilled/Onions/Cheddar/Horseradish on Grilled Sourdough (Levain Bread)\n\nCoaster Sandwich - Roasted Turkey/Avo-Goat Chz Spread/ Bacon/Lettuce/Tomato on Sourdough (Levain Bread)\n\nTuna Melt Sandwich - Tuna Salad/ Cheddar on Grilled Levain Bread\n\n
Classic Deli SandwichesCorned Beef On Rye with Mustard\n\nPastrami On Rye with Mustard\n\nSmoked Pulled Pork on a Roll\n\nSmoked Brisket on a Roll\n\nTurkey with Lettuce/Tomato./Mayo\n\nTuna Salad Sandwich

SidesHand Cut French Fries\n\nCorned Beef Hash over Fries\n\nCheese Fries\n\nPotato Salad\n\nCole Slaw\n\nPotato Chips
*This may not be the latest menu. Prices may vary.
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