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Turkish Grill

Turkish Grill

Authentic Lebanese Cuisine|Falafel|Farm To Table|Gyros &kabob|Gyros, Shawarma, Kabobs|Turkish Food

About Turkish Grill

Authentic turkish grill. We are farmers market based in San Diego. We  love to serve you at your door step or your next event.  



gyro plate
gyro plate Lamb slices served over saffron rice and spring salad with pita and tazitaki sauce and hot sauce (optional)
combo kabob
combo kabob beef kabob and chicken kabobs skewers grilled to perfection served over saffron rice and spinach salad and pita bread
combo lamb and chicken tender
combo lamb and chicken tender lamb patties with grilled lemon chicken tender served over rice and salad with pita bread and sauce
gyro sandwich PITA
gyro sandwich PITA fresh gyro lamb or beef slices served over warm pita bread with salad and sauce
chicken wrap
chicken wrap 14 inch burrito style wrap served with chicken inside and sauce
Falafel wrap p

Sambosik we have 5 kinds.

beef , chicken , spinach , veggies , potato ( vegan option)
dolma grape leaf filled with rice and veggies ( vegan item
spinach pie
spinach pie dough filled with spinach and feta chess. ( vegan option Ava )

baklava honey. pistachio and honey

Public Schedule

We could not find any public events for Turkish Grill.

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